Dr. Marc A. Dudney





Dr. Dudney, along with his wife Mady, founded Timeless Healing Arts in 1994.  He holds a BS in Biology and Exercise Physiology, a Masters in Human Resource Management, and a Doctorate in Sports Management.  He is a Nationally Certified and Florida Licensed Massage Therapist.  He is additionally trained in Neuromuscular therapy, Myofascial therapy, Sports massage, and Jin Shin Do acupressure.  He has studied both in the United States and China.  He is an experienced teacher, published author, and developer of the SynergeticsTM  Functional Exercise System.  He believes strongly in being a progressive health care practitioner, and continues his education at all times.   

Dr. Dudney specializes in treating patients who are experiencing chronic pain, or those who have experienced a musculoskeletal injury of some type.  He is a postural assessment specialist, experienced in the identification and assessment of numerous musculoskeletal dysfunctions and imbalances.  Just some of the many common conditions he has extensive experience in treating include; low back pain, frozen shoulder, "rotator cuff" problems, TMJ dysfunction, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, plantarfascitis, chronic headaches, scoliosis, kyphosis, tennis elbow, and others.  He incorporates his knowledge of strength and flexibility conditioning, as well as joint mobilization, into all treatments sessions.

Dr. Dudney's fee at this time is $95.00 per hour for continuing treatment.  Your first session will be 2 hours in duration and include a thorough medical history, examination, and assessment, for which the fee is $175.00.